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“I am so glad my sales & support manager told me about SEBCO’S Student Review Program. Although we are a very small school, we currently have two students participating. Being a part of this program has further fed their desire to read while making them explore different genres. (It has caused these good readers to grow even further!) Not only that, but this has made them into local celebrities! Okay… not really, but our local newspaper did run an article on each of our reviewers (kinda cool) which was fun and exciting for both of them. In addition, being a part of this program reinforces writing skills, is a self-esteem booster, and gives the students something productive to include on future college and/or scholarship applications. As the library director, I decided to go online to see one of their published reviews. I read quite a few of the reviews and LOVED reading about these books from a student’s perspective. From now on, the Student Review section will be my starting point when looking to purchase books from Sebco. What a great program!!
--Lisa Scroggins, Director, Claud H. Gilmer Memorial Library, Rocksprings, TX

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Mitchell Lane Publishers

Student Reviewer: Vera Mae, Student

Book Review: The Stories Julian Tells

Author: Cameron, Ann

Publisher: Random House

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